Having made my list of Things to Do on Friday morning, last night saw me getting down to business. Many professions quests have been started. Many characters have increased their iLevels. There’s another Legendary for Pherian. The rogue has ditched her fancy Transmog and is pretending to be an NPC. Someone said they thought this was the Retribution Paladin expansion and you know what? It utterly is. I can’t die if I pay attention. It just won’t happen.

There really are an embarrassment of riches to be found in Legion.


Last night, bags were quite literally groaning with useful items that I didn’t need to loot. That’s still odd, that I find myself bending over corpses which rarely if at all have anything useful on them. Then, I loot a demon during an Invasion one the alts and pull a Rank 3 recipe for my Enchanter. You have to pay attention when you’re playing these days: so much stuff around to remember: which mobs can be skinned, where certain items spawn… all to remember for later. I should have everybody who’s 110 over ilevel 900 by the end of this week, and that is going to become the benchmark for the next Expansion.

The Paladin’s already completely geared for her End Game, all sitting in her bags waiting to put on. That’s never happened before and shows just how many tokens are dropping from ‘free’ play in Argus. Last night I bought 2 iLevel 780 rings, a necklace, a belt and a cloak. Everything else I’ve picked up elsewhere. There is only one relic (dropped from an Invasion) but as I’ll pick up one immediately on starting Argus and can use currency to fill the last slot? It just means my weapon is maxxed out ahead of everything else, even if there is not enough time to do the same with gear. All those alts who farmed Garrosh for an heirloom? It’s no different than that in the end.


I can’t find a Transmog I’m happy with right now either. I may have to go farm Instances to find something I like. However, this is of limited interest against getting the two alts I thought would be the most work to max. They’re both really enjoyable to play. Sure, I have to think about it, and yeah it is often a bit of a strain on my ability to be a ‘good ‘ player but I can do the damage, and keep myself alive. I get how the interrupts work. The healing abilities are all well-used. Both have Professions in development, and that is all I really wanted from this entire endeavour.

Honestly, there is nothing more right now that I really want.

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