Welcome to the elephant in the room since Vanilla. It’s something many people used to talk about, then those people got fed up of nobody listening and stopped playing. Considering the current climate elsewhere in the World, I think it could be time to restart this discussion. Not enough indigenous female models exist in this game. Maybe they were just too hard to design, back in the day. For example:

In the above picture, which Murlocs are female, exactly?

Okay, that one’s too hard, so let me give you another one: in this picture, which spirits are male and which are female?


Yeah, that’s easy: the girls are pink and the boys are blue.


Okay then, who else is there: Gnolls don’t seem to have women, just shaman. Same’s true for the Broken (maybe only blokes get corrupted) oh and then there’s Ogres. Don’t get me started on Ogres.


Female ogres are clearly smart enough to never come out of caves to begin with. You never see them fighting, and I don’t blame them. They clearly grasp just how sad and antiquated the Old World is. I remember the last time I made this point to an audience too: people (mostly men) politely pointed out how many female bosses there were, that the representation in later Expansions was clearly more significant, and I was overthinking this whole thing. It’s only a game, right, so what does sex balance matter? All most of the male audience desire is female avatars in scanty outfits, right?

How about we just stop the bus here and address this ONCE AND FOR ALL.


Female Worgen models exist in-game, yet only men remain in Duskwood. I know someone’s already thought about this issue, or there’d not be female voice emotes for Ethereals presented in Legion. How about, if we’re going to be truly diverse and representative, World of Warcraft, you address the pretty bloody glaring inequalities that exist with some female models that a) aren’t overly sexualised and b) represent the feel of the race they’re a part of. Are there really no art resources available to address this?

I could write pages on this, detail every model that’s missing a female counterpart. The problem, I suspect, is that when you’re designing stuff, you pick the dominant race. Maybe, if we’re in a new age of diversity in Warcraft, that could be ignored in favour of true and actual equality. Oh, and the asexual reproduction thing won’t wear anymore, so please don’t go there. If this did change, it would be the most significant thing to happen in Azeroth in over a decade. Then I’d know, without issue, that the game world is a true representation of the people who play within it.

One thought on “It’s Different for Girls

  1. How do you know that ogres are all males. What if they are not different (can you tell the gender of a cat without examining its genitals?). Since ogres wear loincloth, we can’t see if they are male or female. They are living in the perfectly equal society, where every little girl has equal chance to aspire to become a brute, a bruiser or a mauler one day!


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