In the years when I truly lived and breathed the Blizzard lifestyle, Blizzcon was always hard to watch from a distance. There were lots of reasons: not being able to afford what would have in effect been a November holiday away from kids in school, finding it hard to watch people having a good time when I’d be half a world away… wanting to meet people and experience the action and having to make do with the Virtual Ticket. This is the first year where I can say, with a measure of confidence, that it is no longer painful.

However, watching how other people deal with things on Social media has changed, especially in the last year. The people I love and communicate daily with will never be begrudged of anything, especially having a good time. For them, I look forward to seeing their view of the Convention and enjoying the experiences with them. There are others however for which their media feed is what mine is: means of selling themselves. I’m going to be making some serious decisions on the back of the announcements made in the next couple of weeks, and that will also be based on how others report what is seen.


In fact, in many ways, it will be the reactions of the Community of which I am a part of that will matter probably more than the decisions ActiBlizz make going forward. This game can be a hobby without much effort and can continue to be so for many years to come. I’m now curious to see how the people who play react going forward, and what they believe matters in the game can cloud upcoming months of the development process. For the first time ever, Blizzcon is secondary to the people who participate.

I have no Guild event to be invited to. There are no parties to attend or merchandise that must be bought. All that matters are the Expansion announcement, and how people react to it. This year, I will stay silent and simply listen.

I want to hear what everybody else says before I pass any judgement.

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