I am quite current, in content right now. As you can see, I have completed all the Greater Invasion points, and have some rather smashing iLevel 930 shoulders from Pherian’s last night’s adventure. My Argus grinding gifted an improvement on her rings, too. All in all, quite satisfactory, and as a result I decided to take a punt at finishing one of the pet/mount quests inside a dungeon. I rationalised the first boss in Halls of Valor was doable solo, and then I could skip trash and feign my way into Fenryr. It is nice to know that I’m still capable of judging my own skill.


So, that’s another stage dun. That instance is also a quite lucrative grind solo: lots of leather, and I got a bonus boss too for extra AP. However, it is hardly a face-roll, and next time I ought to think about swapping some of my Legendary gear around for more self-healing. I was impressed at my own ability not only to keep moving and do damage but at remembering tactics on fights I’ve not done for months. I think maybe I ought to start doing more randoms just for the hell of it. They seem quite lucrative when all is said and done.

One of the main reasons why I logged last night was to see what the Primal Sargerite vendor’s got on offer. I was, I have to say, somewhat disappointed.


It would have been nice to have been able to buy Resources for the Mobile app, but failing that I’ll be snagging a bunch of rare gems to sell on the AH. I should hit Exalted with the Army of the Light this week and as that means Mountapalooza time, I’ll need the cash. I have quite a lot of Primal Sargerite to spend too… and with the weekend coming up, this could be a quite lucrative time.

Let’s go make some money, shall we?

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