Don’t tell anyone, but I think I might finally be getting my head around a long-term plan.


I spent time last night writing down gear upgrades. Not specific items, just generic gear slots to get everybody past 900. I’m running the people without Argus quests through to the end. I’m prepping people for doing missions. I’m even making sure that when BoE relics drop I don’t shard them or sell them on the AH but I keep them for levellers.


I swapped Pher’s shoulder enchant over to the Blood of Sargeras one just so I can start stockpiling resources. I ran two alts this morning through the WQ’s on Argus that just give Resources as a reward. I’ve started getting enough Unsullied gear to get another Hunter almost fully geared, so next week the Lock and one of my Beast Mastery tribe get to have their weapon. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m having huge fun with both Paladin and Rogue. I still get the feeling that Hunters got the bad hand this time around. Everything else seems like such a fucking faceroll right now.


Mostly, I finally feel like there is a notion of progress. I’ve not stepped foot in a raid instance for several months, but once the new one finally drops I’ll make sure Pher’s done them all at least once. After that, all I need is in the World (unless I have to go do dungeons and raids for Professions quests.) I don’t want to be worried about anything else but my simple objectives. Everything else really has become far too stress inducing to be enjoyable.

Honestly, this is the best my game time has been since launch.

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