Some of you are going to consider me being somewhat previous starting an Expansion countdown when it isn’t even announced yet. This doesn’t bother me. It is time to accept that my work here is Expansion preparation, and just get on with it.


The Great Big Book of Everything


Eisuse, my Horde hunter, is 24 hours away from a fully populated Mobile app. It’ll take a while for the Argus missions to catch up, but she earnt enough Resources last night to get that final follower. The Order Hall mission took an evening to complete, and that is the benchmark for everybody else going forward. We learnt some important lessons last night, too:


The Heroic I ran to complete three Dungeon quests (skinning, mining and Class Hall) rewarded this upgrade: that alone made it all worth the effort. There’s a lot of versatility gear coming out of the Argus token pinata, and if I believe Pawn (and why should I not?) that is not as good as pure stat gear. Plus, socket FTW.


Then, I discover that I can get more than one Legendary follower item per character when the Command Centre is up. This will be extremely useful for the Mobile family going forward. I’m building up a nice nest egg on the Horde side from selling all her gathered materials, which I’ll make sure gets spent on battle pets I need as time goes on (leaving the other cash for more important endeavours, more on which in a moment.) Also, yesterday evening’s School Day moment came when skinning:


I’ve lost count how many bodies have been skinned by Pher and I’ve not seen a single one of these thus far. It reminds me that sometimes, you just gotta play the game.

Big Time


Invasions are worth my time on Pherian right now for several reasons: they can award a Curious Coin (and I need 150 for the mount), the BoA armour item chance to drop is definitely advantageous for alt provisioning, and it means I’m constantly stockpiling currency for an RNG reroll of any piece of gear. However, I’m only bothering with the portals that are easy. If I have to fight to fight, I’m not fussed.


I’ll have the Augment Rune and the Warframe tomorrow evening, all things being equal, which means I can pass the BoE ones onto Kumiho. Once I’ve got Exalted with the other group and bought all the mounts, I sense I’ll stop doing the weeklies on my main. Instead, it’ll just be Invasions and the WQ dailies for coin chances. I’ll pick someone else to get Exalted with (quite possibly the Mage at this stage) so they can get their own permanent flask/stat buff for the next Expansion.

Who knows, I might feel like doing some Legacy content.

The Others


Paladin and Rogue continue to be a) huge fun in Invasions and b) incredibly simple to manage, mostly because nobody is judging my play style. At this rate, I’ll have a decent levelled bunch of Followers too: next week will be making sure their Class Order Hall campaigns are ready to finish off as soon as I hit 110 with both, plus that I’ve done Professions quests with them both as far as is practical. After that, Garassah (BM Hunter) and Woo (Warlock) are the next off the blocks.

Tonight, therefore, I’ll be finishing off the Mage’s Class Hall campaign and finally maxxing her follower count too.

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