‘You spent HOW MUCH on a mount?’
‘500,000 gold, love. It’s okay, it was quite easy to make.’
‘I remember when I loaned you the cash for Epic flying. Those were the days, eh?’
‘Yup, that they were.’

My husband is thinking about playing again. The clocks have gone back, evenings are going to get darker and Christmas is just around the corner. For him, this week’s Expansion announcement will be significant: is it enough to lure him back to Azeroth? For me, I’ve almost finished a significant part of the Legion journey. The Lightforged Mount above might seem exorbitant at half a million gold, but that was a month’s worth of work.

Next up are the re-invention of all those Talbuk I bought back in the Burning Crusade.


This one took me to Cataclysm to complete (PvP, eh?) and was an important watershed in terms of collecting. That was when I realised I was in this for the long haul.I enjoy the farming, and the satisfaction of collection, but only on my terms. The Moose mount at the end of Warlords and later at the end of the Leatherworking questline effectively redefined how I’d be prepared to farm going forward. There are only so many carrots a girl is prepared to scoff before she gets fed up and wants a burger, after all. I sense Argus was designed specifically to see if people like me were prepared to bite. I’d never spend two million gold on a mount. The spider, like the stupid fucking Alliance Chopper, is simply not worth my effort.

If it looks good and doesn’t cost the earth, I’ll be interested.

I’m now 14 mounts short of the magic 300. Once the Ruinstriders are done (and the rest of my eggs have hatched) there will be a better idea of what needs targetting to get me there. It would be nice to be able to do this before the new Expansion drops but I am not going to get upset if it doesn’t happen. There are far more important things to do in the intervening period anyway: however, I have been considering completing the other artefact quests on Pherian for the extra two mounts…

I’m here for the long haul regardless. Honestly, I no longer care how long it takes. I’ll get there eventually.

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