Rant of the Day


I’ve realised I don’t loot anything anymore whilst questing except crafting materials and… well, pets or mounts. I’m not expecting loot pinatas, Dev types, but honestly… all these numbers. It’s a QA/number-crunchers wet dream. However, and this is crucial, no reward is gained from it. I get satisfaction from progressing Professions. I enjoy killing lots of mobs… and get this, I enjoy incremental quests. Shall I tell you why that is? BECAUSE I CAN SEE THE RESULT. Please stop fucking hiding everything in hugely pointlessly large numbers that don’t matter. Give me a reason to loot mobs back apart from just skinning. Make the NEXT expansion less about the fucking numbers and more about genuine, real satisfaction.

Aaaaaand exhale.


I Love You


The Alt levelling is going REALLY well. I will get those next two artifacts done tonight. That will give FOUR people potentially to get levelling. I have planned to use Friday to get the Mage’s Class Hall finally sorted, which will mean all the 110’s thus far are ready to roll. Then it is time to look at everybody’s Professions and work out what needs doing next. I don’t have the mental capacity to do this today. Maybe tomorrow.


I did all Pher’s World Quests last night without picking up the 5k Resources quest, because I am an idiot. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen for anybody else. ALSO this weekend is Darkmoon Faire weekend so it might be worth farming a few MoP dungeons with correct level alts to see if I can pick up a copy of  A Treatise on Strategy.

The things I do for mounts, eh?

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