Yes, I know it’s November. Do I look like I have a graphics budget?


No, I’m not grumpy, gentle readers. I could be, like all those other sadsacks who’ve changed their Twitter handles to include the ‘not at Blizzcon’ descriptor as if that’s supposed to make me feel sorry for their inability to enjoy what they have. No, today I’m happy to accept what I’m already getting from the Convention, hours before the opening ceremony confirms the worst kept secret in this Community for months.

Yes, Jaina really IS a Dreadlord.


There’s a prologue for the Warcraft novel being published by (now Blizzard employed) Christie Golden snuck into people’s Blizzcon swag, and it makes for pretty explosive reading. Now Uncle Metzen is no longer guiding the Lore path of this expansion, some of us had hoped that would mean an evolution of the Universe, but all the suggestions coming out of the stuff I’ve read are painting a very different take. If I believe what I’ve read, we’re going back to Vanilla in more ways than one.


Having had 24 hours to a) block all the wankstains who just posted the spoilers without warning and b) consider this turn of events, I have fiction of my own in my head. It has been quite some time since I’ve thought about going back to my characters and yet this morning, there I was, sitting in a bar in Stormwind with my main protagonists, back to the place where the journey began… this tells me something very significant indeed.

Maybe going back to basics is the answer for Azeroth.


When you ask yourself why Warcraft was such a huge success initially, you can cite all manner of different factors: exploration, combat, interaction. Ever since Pandaria, let’s be honest, the game has moved further and further away from the core of what mattered, leading many people to want a return to the simplistic, more plot and action based days of Vanilla. What if, for the sake of argument, we were about to return just to Azeroth for a massive dose of EXACTLY THAT for this next Expansion? What if this Expansion takes the original Red v Blue story and reinvents it in a manner that compels us to take a side, and makes that reason utterly acceptable in lore?


I’m not speculating anymore now. The announcement’s less than eight hours away, and I’m coming to it with an open mind.

Bring it, Blizzcon.

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