This is not the World I fought for.

Somewhere between Argus and that burning tree, a basic principle has altered. If I believe the people making this game, that was always going to be the conclusion of the Legion’s demise. When you have no external enemy to fight, thoughts will always return to the issues at home. Now that is confirmed as inescapable, I can only assume that Argus will vanish from the sky as suddenly as it appeared because to keep it hanging there will be a memory that detracts from our new, more pressing cause. We are to return to the Red v Blue with renewed vigour, putting aside weapons that were once the pinnacle of our achievement… except, for this hunter, I will lose a pet that has become both a friend and companion.

The days of Class Fantasy are very much over, and I now do not know what version of this game I am playing.


Before, in the Legion expansion, there was a very clear forward path thanks to the part Artifacts played in proceedings. They underpinned an entire shift in focus and interest. They encouraged conversation and stimulated thought. Now, all I see are people arguing why Teldrassil is burning. [*] There are those keen to level a Sub Class, but with no real idea of what that will in fact entail. A lot of stuff was discussed over the weekend, but without meat on the bones of this (rather radical) shift back to basics, that is all it is, stuff. The version of the game I’m currently playing is as far away from the Battle for Azeroth as it is probably possible to get.

How does Actiblizz reconcile this World of Warcraft with the one to come?


With the greatest of respect to those who enjoy the ‘exposition’ novels that are produced as means to provide flavour before Expansions, I am not a fan. All the action, intrigue and plot should be in the game, not provided by a third party source for a fee. This time around I’ll get plenty of in-game action, it appears, but that won’t be enough to sell my Dwarf on motivation. She wants no part of this fight, and after over a decade of fighting for the Alliance, she will not do so anymore. Her fantasy is done, and if the final indignity of this development is having a beloved pet she saved from death ripped from her because the aesthetics have changed that is the final straw. Hati I assume will be no more (last Expansion’s content) and that was the final straw.

Actiblizz clearly fucking HATE hunters.

So, I will be picking a new character to ‘play’ the feature-side version of the game with. I’m not sure who it will be as yet, but Hunters are now a quiet, side project away from all this pointless testosterone. They can farm and collect gear, but I’ll not push them the same way again, especially the Beast Mastery ones. I find the irony of losing my love of the class thanks to an arbitrary design decision to be pretty stupid, really. For now, I’ll enjoy the last days of a game I can both identify with and embrace, and see how this all works going forward.

This had better be a bleedin’ AMAZEBALLS plan you guys have got, that’s all I’m saying.

[*] It still sounds like a shonky disaster movie. Prove me wrong, Actiblizz.

4 thoughts on “The Unforget-table Fire

  1. Honestly, I fully expected we would lose Hati in the next expac, especially after it was confirmed artifacts were a Legion specific feature and wouldn’t carry on past it.

    But you never know, Hunters may get a talent or ability to use a 2nd pet going forward, but until we know for certain either way, the conversation or decision has as you say no meat on its bones just yet.

    Personally I’ll be happy to return to a 1 pet version of BM, as Legion’s version of MM has been a disaster from the get go.

    And don’t get me started on what they did to Survival…


  2. I thought they said all the appearances will be moggable in the future with rules to be determined? With the pet being an integral part of the artifact (like druid forms) I assumed they wouldn’t take those away.


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