The cinematic for Battle for Azeroth is, as far as I can work out, the most divisive of any that have ever been made. Quite apart from utterly upsetting the bi-factionals in the room,  it shows a version of the game which is World away from our current in-game politics. However, all that stuff about foreshadowing in-game we were reminded of almost at every turn during Legion has very much come home to roost, right down to Magni’s involvement in the future. Looking at the Cinematic from Russ Petersen’s point of view makes all the more apparent a potentially significant step forward for lore, and we’re not talking about a more definitive Red/Blue divide.

It’s time to talk about why the Void is looking like a fairly big deal going forward.

Sylvanas’ whole ‘Banshee Queen’ thing isn’t a ‘Void’ ability, per se… and it is the Alliance who’ll be picking up the first Void-touched race in the Battle for Azeroth. However, that whole ‘Anduin mass rezzes his faction’ deal reminds us of the importance the Light plays in a significant part of Azeroth’s existence. Having Illidan conveniently knock off the Naaru who was clearly very anti-Void may yet not turn out to be a convenient plot expedient. There could be some quite significant stuff playing out here when you consider that the Legion itself is afraid of the Void. How do we know this?

Well, when you’re clearing Argus, there’s an NPC with two lines of interesting dialogue: you don’t hear it, it is only textual and can be easy to miss. Lady Heretica, however, is quite clear about the threat the Void poses to the Legion itself:


It’s odd, at least to me, that the Legion might consider itself on a path to ensure that darkness does not consume everything. All those Expansions where we were led to believe that Demons were the bad guys… but nope, darkness is the real enemy, and now the Alliance has allowed this into their ranks. I dunno about you, but I am still thinking that the whole ‘who shot first’ thing is a massive smokescreen… that once we reach the final raid of the NEXT Expansion, this won’t be about Horde and Alliance politics anymore. If the Void really is that dangerous, it will be behind not only the burning of Teldrassil but the subtle manipulation of both Sylvanas and Jaina.

If the Old Gods live in darkness, everybody should stop fighting each other and see the truth for what it really is.


The irony of this Expansion being motivated by two women, both daughters of Azerothian heroes, is anything but-coincidence. Both are convinced that the only way forward is by the elimination of the other’s faction… they too, are mirrors of light and darkness. For those of you who enjoy balance, there’s already the realisation that you can have no winner here. Argus shows what happens when darkness consumes everything, the colour of that is irrelevant. All this fighting is hiding a greater and more insidious possibility.

In the dark, they no longer lie sleeping.

My husband, on seeing the cinematic, turned to me and stated that all of this was a distraction simply to encourage more people to pick a side. The true Big Bad isn’t Jaina or a Windrunner, but is being kept REALLY well hidden, and will be revealed in a manner that allows ActiBlizz a legitimate means of finally updating the entire game to HQ graphics. Jaina might not be a Dreadlord, but what if she is Void touched? In that regard, the announcement of ‘Classic’ Warcraft cannot have come at a better time. If you want to know why?

Come back tomorrow :D

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