Life is funny, sometimes. If all you care about is maintaining an even keel and ensuring your existence is safe and mundane, when change comes it can be fairly catastrophic. However, sometimes it is a better idea to shift perspective for yourself, on your terms. I’ve main-ed a Hunter since the game began, and although I won’t stop playing Pherian anytime soon, that focus is becoming counter-productive. It isn’t the class or spec that is the problem, either. It is the emotional baggage that character carries from years of raiding and becoming disinterested in the politics of this virtual world.

What I need now is someone who doesn’t give a fuck about anything except their job.


Giving the finger to Gul’dan last night was pretty much exactly what I needed as the antidote to factional politics. As a Warlock, political loyalty’s pretty much academic when, as a Gnome, your companions to screw up the Legion are a Worgen, an Undead, a Blood Elf and an Orc. It reminded me that however much you try and shove people under a banner, some will simply set fire to it and use the ashes to get a better vantage point. Doing the Highmountain Invasion last night came the realisation that, at least right now, Woo is ridiculously OP in Destro spec. With Kraktast the Wonder Voidwalker as my first line of defence, old rotations came back to me with surprising ease. I soloed stuff impossible even with Pherian at that level.

I think I may have found my new main for the upcoming Expansion.


Trust me Gul’dan, this is NOT gonna end well…

Now I have a suitable transmog (note to self, put an enchant glamour on that weapon, stat!) it is time to get on with levelling and working on the plan to have everybody’s Professions as robust as possible going forward. On that front, last night’s ‘Omen you are Going the Right Way’ came making potions:

There’s a lot of catching up to do, especially in the stuff I missed during Warlords, but what that requires is a day put aside to simply focus on gaming backlog and nothing else: it occurs to me that maybe if I planned that in the same way as everything else is now organised, it would work out fine. That means therefore that next week (probably Thursday) I’ll clear my decks and simply spend the free time I have working out what Woo (and indeed everybody else) is missing from recipe lists, and what I need to properly prepare myself for the new adventures ahead.


I’m even less of a fan of the Warlock Class Hall than I am of the Hunter one, but as I’ll only go there for faffing, occasional Mission gubbins and weapon fortification? Not really a big deal… though I like the fact you get a separate Summoning area. Very well planned, Legion dudes. That means, from now until Expansion launch, Warlock Wednesday will detail how I’m progressing via levelling, into End Game, and how I intend to prepare all my characters for the Battle for Azeroth.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some very important stuff to set fire to.

2 thoughts on “Burning Heart

  1. “What I need now is someone who doesn’t give a fuck about anything except their job.”

    Gnome feels close, but I think what you may have really wanted there is a Goblin Warlock. IDGAF is practically a racial with those guys. My goblins all have Steve Buscemi’s voice, at least in my head…

    Also, try talenting into Supremacy and leveling with the Infernal.

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