Right, time to stop mucking about and sort this sorry excuse for a bunch of pixels out, once and for all.


Garassah was my first hunter. She’s been a Dwarf initially, then Human, and is now Draenei because I wanted a bit of variety. Now I think I could use another gatherer on the roster, and BM is consistently the easiest of the three specs to level. She’s had a lovely new brown and black transmog to match her tank, has Hati on board and is now ready to rumble. Having hit L101 by completing her first Invasion last night, it’s time to start sorting a set of gear to fall into once L110 arrives.


Then there’s Nurofemme. As a Discipline priest, she is remarkably robust in cloth and was a real joy to take through her Artifact questline yesterday. This only served to reinforce how shoddy I got it as a Hunter in terms of epic, sweeping backdrops for those ‘class fantasy’ ideals, but as we have established you can’t change the past, it is time to move on. As a Scribe and an Enchanter, there’s lots of questing to do in addition to the Invasions. She’s L101 too, and also needs her end game armour sorting.

Outlaw Mishima (above) and Retribution Beecham are both now L109, and suffering from a severe lack of gear appropriate to transmog with. Therefore, there will be some time spent changing this situation as a matter of urgency, which we’ll talk about at length tomorrow. For now I’ll be using the new Engineering eyewear as a start point for her look. Poor old Beecham really requires some major plate gear love, and when I have sufficient items gathered, she’ll get a makeover too.

Last night came the realisation that pretty much every one of my Hunters has been clothed in the same browns and blacks, and perhaps it might be an idea to alter that going forward. Therefore Eisuse gets a Horde makeover with more than a nod to Sylvannas, now I come to think of it. That was never the intent, by the way, it just worked out that way. The green suits her eyes though, and as she uses Camouflage quite a bit as a Survival hunter… it’s all good. Part of the reason for the retool is that I intend to update my Transmog pages over Christmas, and so doing this now gives plenty of chance to get decent pictures and do the writeups.

Finally, Pherian’s taken purple and gold as her theme, as she’ll be doing dps with a similarly coloured set of Spirit Beasts in the future. I’ve already lost the headpiece/collar, though that might be reintroduced over time. Now there is some clear distinction of each of the family, which was the overall intent of this exercise. I can’t have these people running about representing my ideals if they’re not properly dressed, it just wouldn’t be right.

Starting tomorrow, we address the shortcomings in the wardrobes as a matter of priority.

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