Before I push my Clothie, Plate and Leather wearing alts to L110, there are some important things that need to happen first. Primarily, I would like to finish the Professions quests on the four max level characters I have, before putting them into Maintenance Mode (more on which later this week.) Therefore the Warlock (who’s now L103) will Carry On Invading until L109 when she’ll join Beecham (Plate) and Mishima (Leather) on a journey to complete every instance possible for Legacy Transmog gear.

Legacy Farming Cloth.png

This is something I should have done a long time ago but never had the chance to properly organise. Now I’m in a position to do the job, it will be completed with customary thoroughness. That means a new page in the notebook and completing every instance and Raid, in order, from Classic all the way to Draenor, before I make sure I complete all the Legion dungeons and raids with someone in each gear type. So stuff doesn’t get confuzzled in my head, I’ll focus on one gear type at a time, starting with the one I have least of, which is plate. I am comfortable enough now playing Retribution on Beecham to feel I can make a decent fist of everything, plus as an Alchemist and Herbalist there’s some benefit to going through old content where I can herb or possibly pick up recipes.

The other key factor involved here is how long this will all take because every Dungeon and Raid will be time-consuming. Therefore I will organise top to bottom runs of continents for Classic, so I can fly and discover stuff I may not have done on the way. There will be maps. I’ll try and maximise the time gathering by minimising the effort in travelling and making sure that nothing goes to waste. There’s a tailor standing by to make bags from cloth. I can send all spare drops to other characters… and who knows, I might pick up some useful stuff along the way. The biggest restricting factor for me remains having the hours in which to make this happen. I’m going to try at maximum two evenings a week, assuming I can get my days better organised.

Legacy Farming Leather

There are lots of other factors to be considered, but as of today, the plan is to start mapping the tasks for each evening out and then just getting on with it. All things being equal, I intend to start after reset this week.

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