Two weeks from today, the US will finally gain access to the Antorus (Burning Throne) raid, at the end of which will come the best indicator yet of what happens next for Azeroth. Having effectively spoilt everybody at Blizzcon with the revelation that the Legion stops being the primary focus of our interest… well, what happens next? Everybody and their aunt now have an opinion of which came first, the burning tree or the Cinematic when it comes to Battle of Azeroth motivation… and thanks to the wonders of the Official Website we all know we get a lovely necklace from Magni as a direct result of a rather unpleasant set of circumstances post Antorus… ^^

Normally it is as long as it takes for someone to beat the Raid on Normal to unlock the Cinematic, which (under normal conditions) means that about this time in a  fortnight, we’ll have the data in our hands. What is not yet clear is whether, as was the case with Argus appearing in our skies, there’ll be a similar massive change in environment, and whether I should go leave an Alt logged out in Silithus on the 23rd… you know, just in case… Even if you’re not able to do the raid initially (and remember it will take until January for the scrubs amongst us to get to the end) there may yet be stuff to do around this change in geography.


However, the larger point of interest is that in two weeks we may finally see some movement on the PTR, and the possibility that discussed changes to low-level zones and questing could come into being as soon as before Christmas. I’m holding out on getting too excited at this but, I did publicly promise that if the powers that be extracted the digit and made changes exactly as have been discussed, I would be all over them. Therefore, there is some thought being given as to what class and spec will get the nod and prepare themselves for a journey from 1-100 using these changes.

Once we know for sure, it’ll be time to prepare ourselves for the new trip to max level.

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