Having established a while ago I’m not here to do Guides, there is still a desire to share what constitutes my normal routine with an increasing number of alts approaching max level. I’ve made the decision to not pile on and get anybody else to L110 before the people that are get themselves better organised: that means having a Reset Day strategy that’s not simply doable but repeatable. Therefore today, before anything else starts, I’ve spent 30 minutes on my phone.

An extended period of using Legion’s Followers via the Mobile App and nothing else is beginning to bear some significant fruit in terms of passive gold generation and reputation grinding. It will be the way ( I suspect) that both characters at L109 make it to L110 whilst I take my detour for Transmog acquisition. For the max levellers, it is also allowing decent means by which a notion of progress is maintained. Sure, it isn’t nearly as ‘powerful’ as a gear upgrade in a Dungeon, but with my realist’s hat on that’s not happening when I’m tied to such a tight time budget in reality. Therefore, this is my sense of achievement, scaled down to a far more manageable level.

That means that Reset Day is when, from now on, I’ll give virtual followers new gear, pick up the new ‘disposable’ followers from Argus (three varieties, more on that in a moment) and get really picky as to which missions are taken. Priority for rewards, at present considering that AP will cease to be relevant come BfA, is as follows:

  • Gold rewards
  • Reputation tokens
  • Currency rewards
  • Follower equipment
  • AP Tokens

Once a week, staggered across the free time I have, there’s also an attempt to get all of these alts out into Argus to do the following:

  • 3 Invasion Points/50 Argunite for the 500 currency reward
  • Chance of BoA armour drops to help clothe upcoming levellers
  • Top up of Resources for Mobile app
  • Chance for gear upgrades (via accrued Argus currency, rewards or otherwise)


This plan is meeting with various degrees of success: to ensure I’m organised when it does happen, each alt’s gear upgrades have been rationalised and are now stuck on Index cards. The priority is to get to iLevel 900, and anything above that point becomes a bonus. From now on therefore I’ll be playing on my lowest levelled L110 first and working backwards to the highest, ticking off upgrades as they are earnt. Of the four at max, only one is not a gatherer of some kind, so this allows Blood of Sargeras and Primal Sargerite to become a currency that can be exchanged for either more Resources or sellable items via the AH, meaning that nothing ever goes to waste whilst ‘in the field.’

I mentioned earlier those disposable followers, obtainable as you work your way through the Argus campaign. I’ll be pushing everybody to a point where they have L925 Champions to help them, but no further, which will allow access to two new Korkron helpers, which I can buy the first of for 100 Resources every week. They’re even worthwhile obtaining at 1000 Resources, but only if this won’t cripple my progress using the Phone. At this stage, I’d rather rely on partial rewards and not guaranteeing bonuses, if it means that there’s no need for extra effort online to supplement this. Effectively, I’m using common sense and the minimal amount of effort to engineer a return I consider acceptable.


Of course, there are some points of this journey that will require one character to do the work, but as I know now we have a few months before new world content is all anyone else cares about… the pressure is off. The slew of mounts that Pherian will get when she finally hits that last Argus faction at Exalted can happen at leisure. What is now more important is a sense that I am playing the game in a manner that makes me happy, and not becoming beholden to a bunch of things which, when all is said and done, are bells and whistles to the main point.

What matters more than anything else right now is the Transmog, and whilst I sort THAT to my liking, everything else can quite happily tick along with this combination of hour-long bursts of gaming and the time I have waiting for my daughter to get out of school in the car. That’s when I play my version of Warcraft, and it is a reassuring method of feeling I can be a part of a bigger whole without having to sacrifice my soul to do so. In that regard, Argus is probably a bigger success story than any other patch I’ve been a part of since this journey began in Vanilla.

It is no longer someone else’s game anymore, but truly mine.

2 thoughts on “Glory Days

  1. Interesting that you set 900 iLvl, which is the target I set myself. I have managed to get 8 characters quite easily over this threshold. The biggest issue is managing to top up Order Resources, because I have found the Mobile App drains the lesser characters remarkably quickly. There is also the added pressure of Garrison updates like the need for 2 Legendary items and more slots for Champions.
    Oddly enough the juggling act is more interesting than the tasks that Blizzard have set, to keep us out of mischief and still logging on.

    BTW any chance you can explain the next expansion, I don’t like leaving the warm confines of Alternative Chat for my WoW info these days.

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