It was a lovely day to start Transmog farming.


It helps that I’m starting in the Plaguelands, which is where Beecham’s Class Order Hall is located. This morning, I took both her and Mishima the Rogue to both sides of Stratholme and Scholomance. 

Items Recovered:

New Transmog Appearances for Beecham:

Strat (Scarlet Side): 6
Strat (Undead Side): 3
Scholomance: 5

New Transmog Appearances for Mishima:

Strat (Scarlet Side): 2
Strat (Undead Side): 2
Scholomance: 1

Extra items for sale or use for other Alts: 10


Things to Observe:

The split between boss drops and BoE greens was, overall, about 50/50 in terms of appearances I didn’t have. Of the greens that neither alt could use, most were mail and only a few were cloth, so the plan is (as it will be for all of this farming) to send those items to a character who can potentially use them and if not… To the AH they go, and I have a Bank alt set up specially to sell these so there can be an idea of how much money gets made long term.

I miss the old Strat and Scholo instances. I particularly find the ‘new Strat’ to be boring and sadly too linear, and wish they’d left it as its disorganised, chaotic original version. It makes me think that if Classic can get that flavour combination right, a lot of people will go back to what was there before with a great deal more enthusiasm. There’s also a real dearth of items that drop in both these places, and the quest rewards, if there even are physical rewards, are a sad shadow of their original beauty.

Plus I only found one chest in the three instances and that makes me saddest of all.


Matters Arising:

If I had to buy all these drops, I’d be a pauper very fast. Farming five mans and then selling the drops was never part of the plan, but amazingly (especially with the mail pieces) I do have a fair bit of gear already stored. I’m also amazed at how many rewards from killing bosses I don’t have, or that for Beecham this was her first time inside Strat and Scholo. A lot of dungeons have never been run on anything except a Hunter because of the speed and ease of completion that gave, but now due to the (quite right, proper and acceptable) Transmog restrictions, having a plate wearer to do this stuff has never been more significant.

Because I’m slow, I killed every mob and didn’t go mad, three low-level instances took me 90 minutes. It will, therefore, take me longer than expected to do everything. That’s not a great issue, especially as I know it will mean that it is unlikely a single instance will be a waste on a first pass. I’m certainly not in a position to farm everything, and the likelihood going forward is to do all the Dungeons, then pick and choose which Raid instances to farm for Tier, if at all. I’ll still plan to finish only Hunter tier for the achievements unless doing this on someone else gets me closer to a complete set.


The intention here is nothing more than giving me more pieces to play dress-up with. Pretty much everything on top of that is a bonus. The only organisation thus far is planning the route and making sure everything dies. It has given me a LOT of thoughts on how Classic needs to work, and even more on how much exists in this game I have yet to properly experience.

As the first step in a long-term exercise, however, it has been the most excellent of starts.

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