I have learnt a lot about myself in game this weekend. The biggest lesson, by some way, is how little I have really done in a World that remains potentially all-consuming. What brought this home to me was when I opened Pherian’s mail, to find the BoE’s that Mishima and Beecham had collected from the Strats, Scholo the Scarlet instances and RFK over the weekend:


I’d been fairly confident there was nothing in these instances was really needed from a Mail standpoint, but yet again I’m completely wrong. There’s a remarkable amount of gear that’s not owned from Vanilla, because I simply never considered it important or necessary. I’ve started buying the cheapest stuff off the AH: by that I mean anything listed for under 250g. If I tried to own everything now I’d not only be poor, but probably go insane in short order.


It’s a reminder that I need to use all that cloth gathered to help the casters improve their Mogging staples, and that I could do with running a miner around the Old World for a bit to pick up some raw materials. The leather isn’t a problem, and I’ll provision some time this week on the schedules to get some crafting sorted.


If, when you look at Azeroth, all you see is the most current content as relevant, you’re selling this MMO hugely short. There is so much depth and breadth to what is presented, even if the vast majority of it is no longer actively curated. As that may be about to change post-Antorus, today’s lesson in player ability and expectation is painfully simple. You can’t complain at design shortcomings if you’re not prepared to look at a bigger picture. Transmog has opened a Pandora’s Box of content participation that I am struggling to keep shut. If I let it, this could consume my life completely. Is it my fault for knowing the depth of my potential addiction, or should ActiBlizz’s cleverness be praised for taking what was effectively dead inventory and breathing new life into it?

If I let it, this could be the only game I played.

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