Before I sat down this morning, I thought I’d check whether I’ve been imagining a change in Legion or not. One of the longest and most historically challenging parts of gameplay as a solo fighter has been levelling in cloth, particularly as a Priest. I had a friend (who may still read here even now, long after they stopped playing) who would complain how it was impossible to solo as Holy, and even Shadow or Disco were a push. I picked Disco as my spec of choice after the ‘Class Fantasy’ changes of Legion and really haven’t looked back since. This might be one of the enduring triumphs of the entire Expansion for me: not only is solo play doable, it is also fun.


Nurofemme is incredibly robust, but it is in group play where she really shines. This morning I’d pick up a random tank doing an Invasion ‘quest’ (didn’t even need to be grouped) pop a shield on them and away we’d go. Tagging targets is a lot easier than I remember so the kill credits are marked and my damage is a combination of actual DPS and healing others… and this works so, SO well. The problem comes of course when your healing targets don’t grant you the same respect you’ve given them in taking care of you, and it shows up the inevitable shortfall in altruistic healing. Fortunately for me, I can just Psychic Scream, fade and run like fuck. Then, you find a new healing target and start again.


It gives me some confidence to heal on a wider stage, to boot, which I suspect will end up as Battlegrounds and not Dungeons, because you’re already going into PvP expecting to get slayed to begin with. If this were dungeons I’d need a group who cared a lot more if my choice of role was exclusively healer, if only to gain confidence. The key, of course, will be to queue as DPS and see how accommodating people really are. For that I’ll need to be REALLY well geared, so no randoms until at least L110. It is sad that I know how cruel people can (and would be) at my situation, but I at least know what to plan for when the time comes.


However, what this has done is taken what was the most problematic of alts to level and effectively trivialised that process completely: that means there’s already a plan afoot to get four new people ready to roll:

The Warrior is waiting to see what 7.3.whateverweareatnow gives in terms of levelling changes, so won’t get the nod until some time in December (one assumes) but the other three will be worked on quite soon, as we now have two new 110’s and a bit of space to muck about. Normally I’d not be at max level until quite close to new Expansion start, and having everybody prepped early will give more time for faffing and less time worrying I’ll get behind again.

I’m really pleasantly surprised and pleased bout the priest changes, and the fact now I can push through levelling with only the odd inconvenience. Of all the changes in Legion, I think I might appreciate this one long term most of all.

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