Yesterday, I had a lovely long potter about. Let’s recap the highlights, shall we?


I’ve wanted this mount since Argus launched. I think it is probably the ‘signature’ look for the zone. Now I have it, there’s going to be some work done to grasp which other things need farming and how I go about it. Of the L110’s ‘attuned’ to Argus at present nobody is now lower than iLevel 918. There’s not enough time to WQ daily with everybody so the next stage of planning is to makes sure that when Resources get low, people will ‘do’ a run of Argus (with quests for currency) and that will be it. What matters more is completing the Professions quest-lines. I did a lot with Mishima and Engineering last night and have a ton of Dungeon quests to knock off. That’s what is now more pressing.


Something really interesting happened last night with Mishima in Dalaran. As a Dwarf Rogue, Pilgrim’s Bounty can be a bit demeaning, I’ll be honest. Except yesterday, somebody whispered me and politely asked if I minded being turned into a Turkey. I was quietly stunned at this (in a good way) and was then happy to oblige, and realised in a moment of revelation that all that is needed to make games good for everybody is respect. I wish that message could be etched somewhere for everybody to see and remember.

This made a stressful day about 10000% less so and the evening’s playtime simply wonderful. It is amazing how the smallest things often have the largest impact. Take that with you as you play this weekend, and I’ll remember this as I go get Kumiho a new shoulder enchant for the iLevel 915 upgrade she got from a Nightmare Dragon. They all count kids, don’t forget to use your Bonus Rolls and don’t stress about the stuff you can’t change.

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