I cannot abide waste, especially in a World far too obsessed with consumerism. That means that, in my banks, is every duplicate mount I’ve ever farmed. I know full well that they won’t be made BoE any time soon, but it just seems a gigantic waste to sell them, considering how difficult many of these are to farm. Fortunately for me, this situation is now being addressed, at least on Argus.


Remember how I told you this mount dropped for me? Well, this morning as I was doing Dailies it dropped again. This time however I was in a randomly generated five man party. By the time I realised it was in my bags I had left the group, but the chat channel told me their names. There was only one thing to do.


As it transpired my Dalaran HS was on CD, so we aimed for Ironforge (where Pherian lives right now):


Next time you’re in a random five man, maybe say ‘Hello’ to the people you’re fighting with. You never know what might happen as a result.


More importantly, consider how you can change somebody’s day by giving them a gift, an unexpected surprise or simply thinking about them instead of just doing what you do every day and just moving on. That way, the World of Warcraft gets better for everybody.

It really does.

One thought on “Give It Away

  1. Such a lovely thing to do – I too would also rather ask someone if they want it – it really comes down to ‘do unto others’. So much better for someone to offer this – than all those – DO YOU NEED THAT whispers you get for every little piece of loot that drops XD


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