In an attempt not to lose impetus on the Massive Transmog Farm Project, I’m trying to do one set of Classic dungeons a week… except this week, we’ll be adding the Raid that Began it All to the list. I know my Rogue’s not done Molten Core before, and as they’ll be dragged behind the Pally (who come to think of it probably hasn’t been there either) that should 100% guarantee I get only cloth and mail drops. Either way, I wanna try Blackwing Lair now the first boss has been effectively nerfed, need a dose of BRD nostalgia as reminder when I write about the area for my That’s Classic feature and mostly want to stop stressing about gearing everybody for a bit, because there is a bit of that happening, especially as I dunno what’s happening next in terms of Expansion timelines.


Also, I’d like to say Welcome Back to my Druid, lost to Warlord’s insanity, and now returned to Ironforge and ready to level to 110: first by picking up every treasure we can find and fighting through Bonus Objectives, and then by doing the same on the Broken Isles. If this is successful, it might one day mean the Pandaran Monk and the Worgen Druid could also escape the gravity of Pandaria. Who knows?


This week also needs to be the one where I make some hard decisions about who finishes the Argus quest lines, if anybody else does at all. If it is only Pherian doing Paragon mounts and grinding Argussian Reach reputation (Exalted will happen the next time the WQ’s come around) then everybody else can gather currency and leave it at that. Honestly, that’s a pace of progress that I’m more than happy with, as the questing in Argus really has left a lot to be desired. I’d probably have the temptation to push on if I could not guarantee I’d kill myself falling off the fucking planet quite as often as I do.

I’m genuinely looking forward to Blackrock Mountain this week. I’m also guaranteeing I’ll get lost at least once, somewhere…

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