Last night, I got to do LBRS but not much else but it doesn’t matter, because that 90 minutes turned into pretty much a metaphor for what Legacy content has now become: you go for one thing and, if you’re lucky, leave with something else entirely.

I’ll do a ‘That’s Classic’ review of LBRS and UBRS at some point this week (probably Friday) after I’ve run them both for cloth, leather and plate. Last night’s ‘gear scores’ are in and I’m amazingly surprised (yet again) at the amount of stuff picked up that I didn’t have appearances for. There is so much in this game forgotten, or simply warped by time.

Items Recovered:

New Transmog Appearances for Beecham:
3 from Bosses, 4 from drops

New Transmog Appearances for Mishima:
3 from Bosses, 1 from Drops

Extra items for sale or use for other Alts:
10 in total, 4 useable


I am pleased at the number of chests found in LBRS (four in total, all locked) and the contents therein: random herbs, green items, cheese. I was especially happy with the cheese. It was just like Old Times [TM] I was also a bit sad to find what used to be important NPCs left to wander the halls of the instance without any relevance, or left to stand bored and motionless. It is a reminder of how much used to be here which has been striped away by expedience.

Things to Observe


A certain generation of players will know that Ogre Head on a Stick = Party was part of your Burning Steppes Rite of Passage. The best part of LBRS (in terms of needed work and co-ordination and was on a timer so you had to work fast) remains, but only as a Bonus Objective because most people a) won’t notice Ormokk’s head has dropped into their bags to begin with and b) not know where to get the Roughshod Pike to trigger the event. There’s no signposts any more, all the relevant details nowhere near the Dungeon and relying on a Guide to reveal them.

However, all of this pales into insignificance compared with what happened when I gathered up and killed the two trash packs of Scorpids and Bugs that occur straight after this boss. I could have run past them and not aggroed them, so high level were we, but old habits die hard. On reflection, I’m rather glad I’m that predictable.

Matters Arising


The last mob held an item I remember came from this very instance the first time I saw it, and I won it on a Greed roll. For years it was the best thing I owned, without exception: I’d turn into a Troll Hunter, and in the early days of PvP it saved my life on a few occasions. Now, as it is a Toy, there’s no worries about equipping it by accident. I went straight from Instance to AH, and if this sells it will be the most I have ever made. The last time one appeared was a couple of months ago, and hopefully with Antorus hitting the US… well, right now, I might get lucky. We will see.

I didn’t come to farm this, it just happened, and made an average evening into an amazing one. That’s how Legacy farming works, folks. Go in expecting nothing, then everything is a bonus.

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