Warcraft is an ever changing experience in certain lights. If you choose to ignore the developmental aspects and live entirely in the past? That’s also perfectly acceptable, or else Classic WoW wouldn’t be a ‘thing’… and then there is every point in between. For someone like me, finding interesting new ways to communicate how I play is almost as important as the process. It is also about gaining a fundamental understanding of why the game works as it does: for certain classes, that understanding has never really happened successfully. In the case of my Druid, she has never been done the justice I feel she deserves, and that is about to change.

It is time to make new ways to play and interact.


Therefore, I am going back to the nuts and bolts of organising and playing in what I consider the most efficient terms possible. That means looking at everything not just in my play style but also the addons I use and the way the screen is set up. For my Druid there is a real problem in how my current UI reflects the spells in Cat and Bear form. It’s been an issue since… probably Cataclysm, and I ignored it because the reorganisation was to much to get my head around. Finally, it is time to make a UI that works.

After that I have cobbled together a set of gear to help transition from 90-100, after which we’ll look at where things stand and I might well quest with this one, if only to get a halfway decent set of gear to make it to 110 with. All that will depend on which spec feels the most comfortable with once I make it to 100, but without those bars and a chance to attempt the various specs on offer, I simply won’t know. Therefore, it is time to look at how I can make my gameplay easier and more intuitive.

However, I don’t intend to blog this here. This will be my first experiment in using the expanded character count and a Twitter ‘thread’ to document the journey instead. Hopefully this might be of interest to those people who don’t enjoy or have time for the long read. If this is an idea I’ve had I’m sure there will already be people capitalising on this method of communication, so I’m not claiming it’s revolutionary or anything. However, what it could do is give me new spaces in which to build an audience. I intend to do this both here and in my writing spaces too, and will be looking at how successful the visual/textual medium ends up being.

For now, #90to110 is where to follow (or mute) my adventures. The choice is yours.

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