I would like to point out that I’ve made more money this week from the Mobile app than any other, thanks to the Mobile app. That might sound a bit odd, but I’ve begun to expand my stable of alts who are able to use my mobile phone not only to level, but to contribute to the subsequent (and expedient) levelling of other alts. It is Altception writ large, and depends on a vendor on the Broken Shore who is of little or no interest to anybody now that 7.3.5 means everybody wants to be on Argus.


The two most important purchases for me on the (old) Dauntless gear vendor were these: the way to immediately take a L110 follower from 780 to a place where new missions appear, and equipment supplies without having to waste mission time (or Class Order hall level choices) on the same. However, there is another vital item that I’d missed until only recently:


For sub 110’s or those followers you’ve picked up late, this is a real lifesaver. As I’m still trying to collect the Tabard and the Invasion Simulator toy, it means it is still worth doing the shard mission until that’s done (one alt just has to complete it twice :D) After that, this remains the means by which all new 110’s can get all their followers to max level in the quickest possible fashion.

With the increase of base gear iLevel across the Broken Isles, I don’t really need to do an Invasion with any fresh 110’s any more: they can gather most of what they need easily via World Questing (plus the all important reputation gains now needed for recipes and so on.) That means that I’m focussing more on Mobile app missions that reward rep tokens than AP: thanks to the Command Centre’s ability to grant my Followers Legendary equipment, I’ve managed to set up some pretty killer NPC helpers for my alts. It means World Quests have the potential to become fairly significant loot piñata: even when there’s an Invasion up, it is worth doing the work.


Emmarel was levelled entirely as a companion, and her 100g/200 Resource payout soon adds up. Two of my L110’s also get a chance of an AP token as well as these rewards, which is useful for those having to catch up on their weapon levels. At no point in any of this have I worried about maxxing weapons out, and it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve cared about the Crucible or using it to give me more power. Nobody who’s in Argus needs any extra help. The new 110’s will start their journeys to iLevel 900+ gear this week.

I’m confident it won’t be long before they’re contributing to the cause.

3 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. I’m highly curious about how you’re using the mobile app to make money. The gold missions don’t seem to yield a lot of gold? Are nethershards account wide or the stuff you can buy with them not BOP?

    Also, is the gear you’re prepping for your alts just BOE greens from questing–it doesn’t seem like it because of the ilvls you’re talking, but I don’t know? Or is there a way to get BOA (or BOE) gear from nethershards/WQs/missions?

    Sorry for the probably ‘newbie’ questions, I’m coming back after not playing in a longggg while and trying to get a grasp on things again and your blog has been fascinating to read, now I’m just trying to process everything.


    • They can be profitable if you can hit the 200% ‘cap’, but are only minimal until your followers have a certain iLevel. That’s why the Nethershards are useful, and once you get to Argus it gets easier to increase the cash rewards.

      There are some BoE greens in my levelling kit (mostly rings/trinkets) but the rest is the iLevel 880 Relinquished gear that drops from farming Argus. The same is true for the Broken Shore and the 850 Dauntless gear from Nethershards is a decent base level to begin with.

      They’re not newbie questions, and you’re not a newbie, you’re just someone without the answers they need. We all have to start somewhere.


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