There seems no better way than to start a State of the Alts post by sticking up the full list, and reminding myself that the webpage where my current progress sits is long overdue an update. The two highlighted toons are the current line in the sand: under that sit only bankalts and those characters as yet without a clear plan. The only exception is But, whose subrace is currently being voted on by your good selves.

As of reset today, here’s where things stand:

  • Pherian stays at the Faire doing Pet dailies and generally loitering. Everybody else does the Faire for Professions points and tickets, then I work out what Transmog items I want to buy with what everybody owns.
  • Beecham and Mishima go to Argus, and I see how well geared they can be gotten in a week. The other 110’s can play via Mobile and if there’s time to get them weekly quests done (which I doubt there will be) then great.
  • Merano’s in Pandaria, about to do her weapon quest, and once that’s done we’ll get started on her Mobile app.
  • Spat is stuck in her Garrison. The next stage is to get her a new Mechanical pet, and then point her at the Survival artifact questline. After that, she too is ready to be Mobile-d.
  • Marron is the focus of a social media based series of blog posts and Tweets. As a result, we’ll be talking about her in depth tomorrow.


There is other stuff too, of course: Mishima now needs enough resources to open up her second Legendary slot,  there are Class Order dungeons that need cheesing… and the list goes on. For now however I’m taking a leaf out of @Broximar’s minimalism-focussed  Book of Warcraft and not letting the details curtail progress. As a result that allows me to be able to concentrate on ticking of a small, workable list of objectives… and if anything else gets done, that’s great. It also stops me just going off on a tangent and doing random stuff. Having a plan really works, kids.


I’m also vaguely aware of all the new stuff about that, as yet, is of no real interest to me and will continue not to be so until I can get something from it. Now LFR for Antorus is out I need to run everything once on Pherian, and if the iLevel rewards are worth the effort I could then do the same with other people, but not at the expense of the long term plan. Really, this is no longer about best geared toons, but those who are capable of being the most effective farmers, gatherers and moneymakers. Once you take raiding out of the equation, stuff (at least for me) gets an awful lot easier.

Now all I need is about three more days in the week before Christmas and I’m golden.

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