On the PTR right now is a patch that we won’t see until after the last wing of Antorus is open on LFR difficulty. The patch notes even state as much: the new content will run right across the Holidays, and if people could be patient when there are issues, especially across Christmas and New Year, that would be great. If I had the free time (and sadly I don’t right now) I would utterly commit to a L1 and doing this stuff from scratch. Maybe if you’re in that position, you could help out.


The issue of course, is testing content isn’t nearly as exciting as Mythic contests or levelling your own stuff in current gear. I really hope that the game can encourage people to go try the changes without people complaining it will spoil them for Live or that they don’t see the point. This could (potentially) be the biggest single change to Azeroth since they introduced the content scaling. It means the ENTIRE WORLD is now working under the auspices of upgraded tech, and the potential for this long term could be enormous. Now comes the moment where we see if people care about doing this without the carrot of a 110 subrace at the end.


I’m also really hoping that there might be some surprises along the way. By that, I mean the ability to collect some new stuff (toys, mounts) that won’t have existed before. I’m also hoping the encouragements people get to do dungeons or group content might come with sweeteners too. Otherwise this is just a few tweaks of the UI and not much else, and that strikes me as a bit of a waste of everybody’s time and effort. So, let’s hope there is more to this than a simple retooling of the existing content.

Come on, Warcraft Devs, surprise us :D

One thought on “The Song Remains the Same

  1. For me PTR testing is another form of exploitation of labour, so prevalent in entertainment industry, under the slogan of so-called ‘passion’. It is only fair if blizz rewarded the effort, with in-game goodies at the very least (of course I’m talking about testers who really contribute constructive observation and reports).


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