I had a day of play yesterday, mostly to try and unwind my brain after a particularly difficult couple of days of real life stress. Pherian benefited from a massive Quest clear-out and a lot of faffing:

Add to that there was another month’s worth of Darkmoon Faire ticket collections, which means next month I get to own Mount #294 (let’s face facts, unless I go out to farm the Darkmoon Dirigible will be the next one in the queue) whilst six alts managed to run through the Island process and get +5 to all professions. The night before there was a frustrating diversion as I thought maxxing my Tailor’s skill might be doable but was thwarted by those horrible last 10 points. In a system that only benefits the collection of three-star recipes for skill point gains, I lost the will to grind. Me, the Queen of Grindy Grinding looked at what I was being asked and decided there were better things to do with my time.


Yesterday however was hugely useful for a number of reasons:

  • Now I know starting gear in the Antorus LFR is ilevel 915 there is little point if any in running anybody through it. I’m better off chipping away at Argus (which I can do on my time and without having to wait) and gearing people slowly. WQ’s also give the advantage at this stage at updating older alts Legendaries to iLevel 1000.
  • I also know that I’m capable of running through Heroic Dungeons on lower level alts as long as I can clear a certain level of DPS and know the way. The problem, of course, with the NEXT Expansion will be because I’m not guilded, there won’t be a way to regularly learn those paths.
  • It is well worth looking at my Class Order Hall followers periodically and seeing how to improve their output, using the slow drip of Equipment rewards. I’m now consistently guaranteeing 200% completion on many Gold missions \o/

After I’d done with my main, it was time to get one of the freshly minted L110’s to Argus.


Stealthing through difficult content is a thing of beauty. CC-ing so I can pick off single mobs, being able to pickpocket for a guaranteed 5k a week reward, not doing utterly woeful DPS… all of it adds up. It also meant I was able to complete an Engineering and a Class Order Hall quest last night and am now close to getting this one past the Five Followers attunement, which is odd, because I’m almost to the first stage of Argus Troops (the missions are running side by side.) I managed an iLevel 915 update as well late last night, and the boots are a perfect match for my Transmog. I’ll take that as a good sign.

As for the sub-110’s, I’ve not run anyone through an Invasion for a while, and that will change this week (time permitting) in order to top up the Resources. That also needs to happen for the 110’s but that is an increasingly simple task as better gear appears. Plus, there’s the continuous (and useful) drip of gear from Argus to stack up as useful. Giving all the freshly minted characters a Cloth Scavanging shoulder enchant also helps Keu for crafting cloaks, though I was lucky enough to get a Cloak BoE drop during Marron’s Argus adventure last night. Think that will go to Marron.

All in all, it’s been a hugely productive couple of days.

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