My life, sometimes, is a series of odd reflections on times past. The great thing about having only one main character (and I know this happens for a lot of players) is that nothing is repetitive unless you choose to make it so. When I complain that I’d love more variety therefore, others point out that with multiple alts, it is the last thing required. You want stuff to be easier, not harder. Don’t make me think too much and let everything be simple repetition and always, ALWAYS ensure you can do more than one thing at a time.

Except sometimes, all that’s really craved is the sanctity of a perfect moment.


Repeating professions quests on several alts has highlighted that time is the bigger restriction for me than has ever been the case before. For the ‘skin stuff in raids’ portion of Eisuse’s journey, for instance, I didn’t bother completing Trial of the Crusader, or the Throne of Thunder, but stopped when I killed the quest mob. Once upon a time I’d have gotten all obsessive about finishing the raids, but not any more, because that’s valuable time I can use elsewhere. I did the first wing of Antorus on Saturday and there was no joy or excitement at the completion. It’s simply another loot delivery system. This is not where I am really appreciating Azeroth right now, because trust me, I am.


Once upon a time, the fact I couldn’t easily finish what I wanted in the time available would have been enough to cause a major meltdown. Now, I just post a tableflip .GIF on Twitter and move on. There is enough understanding of what is going on to understand that the use of time, such as it is, now dictates how I feel about the game itself. If I thrash about for hours unable to complete what is for others a simple task, then the damage is already done. The means by which I have been able to rediscover joy in game comes from the ability to rationalise the ridiculous amount of content into what can be done and what is not possible just for me. Once that is identified? I really enjoy myself.

What can stick a fly in the ointment is when it is not easily clear how I solve a problem. Often, just looking it up on a Guide is not enough. I’ve become stubborn enough to refuse to throw money at solving things, that I’d like to keep my gold. I’m not going to buy tokens with it because, in the end, they are not the most efficient means in my circumstance to buy playtime. I just want to keep my gold for important stuff, like buying the pets I don’t want to grind, or saving for summat like the Lightforged mount. It’s the principles of how I play, and as this weekend has shown in spades, these things matter a lot to me.


I’m also beginning to understand how much visuals really count for me, that I’d happily swap a stellar iLevel for a means to make my gear look totally unique and unlike anybody else’s. I don’t come here to be recognised for my tier gear or raiding achievements. This is not about masquerading as some kind of low rent Warcraft personality. I play this game as an extension of my personality. That means that the absolute last thing I want to do now is be like anybody else.

This is my game, and I will play it my way.

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