Looking at the details of the latest 7.3.5 Patch on the PTR, Graham and others may well have reason to use that #FeelsBadMan hashtag with impunity. For a long time, since Vanilla if truth be told, the gold farmers of this parish have held many niche markets with confidence, safe in the understanding that anyone wanting to do 1-800 or acquire any of the many transmog items the Professions hold will require certain raw materials which can be a right bloody pain to obtain. With the changes to pre-End Game coming, and the understanding that gear will retain both name and appearance with iLevel depending on what you’re wearing when it drops, it is apparent that Enchanting has to alter to accommodate this.

Ryan’s video explains why the ‘flexible’ iLevel thing is happening (and it was his question at Blizzcon that confirmed this change) but until now there’s been no consideration of the consequences for Enchanters. My initial guess, knowing what I do, is that a far larger range of items is going to disenchant into the same dust, regardless of level, with thresholds happening at the start of expansions. Therefore, instead of Vanilla 1-60 gear having a ton of differing dusts/shards depending on which part of the adventure you’re on, everything standardises as is currently the case in Legion: one lot of dust and two types of shards.

What it could mean for people like me is a phenomenal amount of bag space suddenly reappears, that Professions bags will become largely pointless, and significant and currently valuable ‘legacy’ items could be reduced to vendor trash literally overnight.


This is potentially only the beginning, of course, and if Enchanting goes this way one assumes we might see all those varied ore nodes standardised too, as well as the vast array of vanilla herbs being reduced to a fraction of what they now represent. Suddenly, I’m very interested in what might turn up on the PTR in the coming weeks, and you should be too. Many of us have asked for a simplification of this process: the ‘starting from scratch’ approach employed in new content has never really been a satisfactory approach to the problem… but now, if we’re seeing this gutting of the system from Level One, you can reasonably bet that will not simply apply to just one profession.

This could finally be the beginning of the end for a system that should have been overhauled many, many years ago.

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