I bought my first mount, back in 2005, with money I made on the Auction House selling fish. The pursuit has always been a way I’ve relaxed in-game, but as time has become increasingly precious in previous expansions, sitting (effectively) doing nothing has become the one thing I cannot afford to do. Last night, as I relaxed after a day of not working or writing, there was a moment to consider what it is in Azeroth I enjoy the most. Every time this issue comes up, I return to the same conclusion. Things used to be fun until they were ‘weaponised’, insofar as the fun was removed to be replaced by a grind that was dictated by design… but if the terms of that grind are dictated by me…

I woke up early this morning therefore with one task in mind.


I’ve been three fish short of this achievement for several months now, but there was always something more worthwhile to do with playtime. Therefore it was patience that was required an a couple of hours where there wouldn’t be guilt that an alt wasn’t being levelled or an iLevel wasn’t being upped. In the end, it was an hour of fishing to get the achievement and then 30 minutes afterwards to fish up the Pearl that unlocks the Dalaran fountain as my second forge.


In truth, all I’m really interested in is unlocking that second trait, which means I’m fishing up Blood to convert into Order Resources for the alts. I don’t need to show off my l33t skillz with all three artifact appearances, this is not the object of my exercise. However, there was some genuine sadness as I will be retiring the fishing rod I’ve used since Wrath, without exception. On reflection, writing this now, that’s when I was happiest fishing and this quest makes me feel the same way. In fact, if I’m honest with myself, that would have been the last time I felt this optimistic about what is happening in game.


I ground for this pole daily. It was a sense of immense satisfaction when it was mine, and that is all I have ever used to fish with since. To retire it should bring sadness, but instead there is optimism, as now I can go ahead and make a new ton of money from fishing, just in time for the Battle for Azeroth. Provisioning the time on a Sunday to indulge a passion really is something that should happen more and not less.

That’s a resolution I might give serious thought to considering in 2018.

2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. I’ve resorted to fishing without a pole since there’s a lot of fighting things during fishing quests now. It makes me sad since I have most of the unique fishing poles, and it was a pleasure to use them. I would pull out the jeweled pole on my paladin, or use the bone on my DK (that sounds dirty…). Now it looks like a twig everywhere. I fish when I can, since I find it relaxing, but I have a lower tolerance for the time sink. Can’t afford to skip the world quests though. Fishies are good eats. :-)


  2. I felt the same way about my kalu’ak pole. I’m still keeping it forever in my bags.

    The weird murloc thing isn’t as cool to me, but getting it was fun. I feel like fishing is the only profession they didn’t screw up in Legion.


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