Rogue has ‘done’ her Class Order Hall, and is 10,000 resources away from a full Follower count. The Paladin needs to complete Black Rook Hold and then we’re on the way to her being fully Mobile App compliant. This means there is no excuse to not go Full Out Levelling Mode once School Holidays begin and I’m no longer in the thrall of School Runs. I did a once through on everybody yesterday and there’s enough Resources to last all the 110’s for a while, though I suspect World Quest will get done at some point, if only to give a bit of variety to the process.


Then (I am reliably informed) I just want to grind the first 12 traits of my Artifact rod or it all goes a bit Pete Tong:

Looking at what boots I’ll end up fishing, and the effects of the last Gold trait, this is a really good shout by Ryan so I don’t waste my time :D I was only here for the Blood of Sargeras, I’ll be honest, so everything after that will count as a bonus. I’ve already sent a ton of stuff off to the bankalts to sell: the Horde one’s just hit 30k’s worth of gold simply from the crap I’ve been pulling in from WQ’s and the like on Eisuse.


Then there is the slow chipping away of Professions, with the plan to get everybody to 790 (or 795 if it’s doable) before the Faire rolls around again in January. Keu will end up biting the bullet and farming that stupid Belt recipe, and with the current sell price for  Primal Obliterum on the AH that’s worth the faff. I’m also hugely grateful I farmed up this L3 Enchanting pattern off a World mob somewhere and didn’t vend it. Right now, I’m consistently able to make between 3-6k and guarantee a sale with each one. Once this stops giving three skill points per enchant, I will have all the sads.


Finally, this is the best flip I’m doing in game right now. For my gatherers, who have no use for the Blood, 1200 resources is a small price to pay for these, and this means I am stacking up piles of 20 to swap for 4000 resources with relative ease. Once everybody is self-sufficient and able to farm for themselves, it gives me little or no need to ‘play’ during the day. Once everyone’s at 110, I can convert the Blood to other things. Until then? Job’s a good ‘un.

The next few days are mental for Real Life, but once that’s all sorted out? You can bet your arse I’m into Azeroth and getting some new L110’s sorted… the question is now, who do I attack first to max…?

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