It is Day One of my Christmas holiday. The last couple of weeks have been hard work. I decide that, for the morning, I’ll take Pher out to get blood fishing on her Artifact Rod before I go start doing World Quests. First stop is Aszuna because I wanna get Queenfish fast… and then, as I’m flying across the zone…

That purple thing in the screenshot is an Ephemeral Crystal. I know this because of the number of people I’ve seen trying to find them. I know the mantra by heart: click on five and you’ll get a super rare mount that’s been in the game files since Vanilla… I’ve never seen one before and there it was. Unclicked. I made a silent promise as I scrabbled for Euphyley’s amazing guide that if I tabbed back into game and the thing was still actionable? I was utterly going for it. It was, and then began an hour of gameplay that, if I’m honest, I’ve not experienced since a day back in TBC when my Guild was the closest it had been to downing Gruul since the Expansion launched.


Once I knew that I had eight hours, the pressure released slightly, but it wasn’t clear how the crystals would spawn, and nobody seemed particularly confident they could predict the order. From what I’ve now experienced I believe that once that first crystal is clicked the second spawns, and so on, so that having a route and spawn points marked is pretty much a given… so TomTom is an addon I’m very glad to have. Having transcribed spawn points to four macros, it was a case of slowly and methodically going from left to right from the top of the map to the bottom, eliminating each spawn as I went.

For the record, here was where I found my five:

1 – Ruined Sanctum
2 – El’dranil Shadows
3 – Felblaze Ingress
4 – The Lost Orchard
5 – Llothlien


The adrenaline’s still buzzing through me as I type this. That feeling of panic, excitement and apprehension that something I could do might blow this, that maybe there was a step I’d not done, that there was something else that might go wrong. This is why I don’t raid any more, I realise: it isn’t everybody else who I can’t cope with, but my own reactions to the gameplay itself. This kind of feeling is great in small doses, but not for hours at a time. This used to be the ‘drug’ that would keep me playing but now it gives me a headache.


However, this is a truly beautiful mount. It is worth the hassle, and considering I was only in Azsuna to do WQ’s? That’s a pretty decent bonus.

Now, where was I?

2 thoughts on “Do You Hear What I Hear?

  1. Congratulations on your mount. It’s one of those ‘I was so lucky to get’ mounts to have. It’s now the main flying mount for my NE hunter.


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