This weekend, I’ll finally get around to making the Jewelled Onyx Panther mount that I’ve been missing since they were introduced into the game. It has taken this long to do because, back then, I resented the 18k cost of the special item required to produce one of each of the four mounts you had to combine together to make this fifth. Now, having money coming out of my ears, it is not so much of an issue. What has been a surprise over the last few months is how much of what I end up with in my bags sells, and that I have little or no need to farm anything. It just… well, it just happens.


If all I cared about was AP, for instance, I’d be focussing on picking up the billions that WQ’s now offer. However, what I’ll do now as a matter of course is check which Professions WQ’s are active before anything else. Having planned in advance that I’d have a Horde and Alliance gatherer, this means completing Emissaries on any given day can be speeded up considerably, thus allowing quicker Resource accumulation. It means on the Horde side that nothing is stockpiled and is all sent straight to the Orgrimmar Bankalt, to be sold immediately. Occasionally (as was the case with that 48k haul above) there’s a BoE in the mix, but normally I can expect 11-12k a week from a couple of rounds of questing.


Then, I found a recipe on the Enchanter that I know not only pulls in the cash but improves my skill level to boot. This helps enormously and will this weekend be adopted by other professions alts in the hope I can get their skill levels closer to max. I will also look at using some of the raw materials in my banks to make some items to stick on the festive Auction House, in the hope someone will be returning to the game at Christmas with a bit of token-bought gold to spend.


The bankalts will also try (yet again) to offload some of their stored stuff. Considering that a load of Enchanting materials will be going the way of the Dodo come 7.3.5, maybe it is time to blow the dust off them and see if I can make some space in the bank…

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