I’ve set myself a project over Christmas, as some of you will know. Making a Jeweled Onyx Panther has, thus far, been a really straightforward affair. It’s a testament to my ability to hoard (I discovered 12 Truegold in my Jewellers’ bags, that hopefully should make a few gold) and that I have one of each type of Alchemist certainly speeds up the production timescales. The Transmuter’s procs have been lovely, especially when creating gems. It means I don’t have to worry about buying anything, and all that’s happened in the last two days is gathering.


However, I had an epiphany yesterday that needs to be passed on. These days of flying around, gathering what I want and one-shotting mobs in old zones are numbered. Once 7.3.5 goes live, which could be any time after the last wing of Antorus opens on LFR, all of this is ancient history. No longer will max level people be able to swoop down from the skies and cheese any or all World Content, anywhere. Once everything scales, it’ll be a massive fight. Every node, every mount-dropping boss suddenly becomes big and scary again, and you’ll need 40 man raids for everything.

The days of using flying to negate content are about to come to an end.


This is, of course, glorious on one hand but on the other, for someone like me with limited time and intermittent inclination, it could be a nightmare. Ironically if I couldn’t just cheese all this gathering for the mount in a few snatched sessions between Xmas food and obligations, it wouldn’t happen. As a result I’m already looking at what is needed in World Content and wishing I’d thought about this earlier, but it is what it is. That means, of course, that if you’re camping for the Time Lost Proto Drake it’s gonna be a decent fight, everyone will need to learn how to do Oondasta properly and if you’re collecting claws in Tanaan for that mount, it’s about to get bastard hard again.

With no idea of when 7.3.5 could hit, the clock really is ticking.


It isn’t just World bosses either, all that World PvP in Outland becomes relevant, and presumably the days of L110’s destroying low level zones out of spite is negated to a distant memory. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, and I’d certainly not be petitioning at any point to reverse the decision, as I’ve been looking forward to all this old content finally gaining a notion of relevance. The point here is simple: I’d not truly grasped what that meant until yesterday, and that if there is world content I’d like to cheese, time is running out.

Go now, before it’s too late.


As with all things, make your own informed decisions based on as much information available as possible <3]

One thought on “Moanin’

  1. Thanks for the info Sarah, I was under the impression that all the zones were in level ranges. Outland and Northrend 60-80 so you could still brute forces stuff at max level. It would be cool though if they have managed to get the Legion scaling working completely through all the zones as that would certainly make those zones reusable at max level.

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