Normally, the future is a place of optimism and excitement in Azeroth. However, I’ve seen the future, and it is wrenching apart a state of affairs which, after the period of piece and prosperity that has been lived and felt by my characters, is not welcomed or exciting. I do not want to go to war, and yet the game will force me to do just this in order to experience end game content. Forget the fact it might be under false pretences or part of a larger storyline that has joint effort at the end, and consider what will now be lost in the name of ‘keeping things relevant.’

The next person who says to me ‘It’s not called World of PEACEcraft, is it?’ gets a punch to the unmentionables.


I’m getting tired of the Gamesplaining, I’ll be honest: apparently well-meaning individuals of both sexes who sit and tell me, in no uncertain terms, that their game was never supposed to be about everybody being happy. It’s not a proper MMO unless there’s conflict, or you’re chasing for some amazing reward with a bunch of mates. They’ll keep humouring me until I say something that either a) makes me look angry and upset or b) that makes them look like idiots, and then there’ll be a sad shrug of the shoulders and the Mute button engaged. I think the ultimate insult I received this year along those lines was the ‘oh it’s so nice that you’ve started being positive again, I just stopped listening to you when I disagreed with your point of view.’

Let me just stand here and again process the demeaning nature of that statement: because I think differently about a game, and I get upset when things don’t go the way I want, I write about it. I don’t do it in the belief that anything will change, because it is abundantly apparent I’m not the target audience and this isn’t the plan going forward. I do so to help myself understand what it is I need to find inside Azeroth to keep me happy. This is my personal space to rant and rave, and I do so not to get things to alter, because I grasp only too well they won’t, and so to continue to enjoy my time here there will have to be a means grasped to forge a different path. That’s what my blog is now about.


My husband stopped playing seven months ago, and that’s as much about the game as the people involved. He’s watched me in tears over the abuse I’ve received from my blogging and is still amazed I choose to play. I realised over Christmas that my desire to start blogging full time about Azeroth again has nothing to do with being either recognised or appreciated. I just don’t see anyone telling things how they are any more. So many people have been chased off because of their ‘negativity’ when it was never that to begin with. Standing up and being prepared to accept you’re different is hard enough, but not being a Fangirl when that’s all it appears you’re allowed to be in certain people’s eyes…? Look, it’s not going to happen, and this year I’m going to save people the trouble of muting me. I’ll just leave you to live in your own delusional reality, alone.

Therefore, this is my marker in the sand. I may end up enjoying being at war, if the game produces a compelling narrative. If that happens, you’ll be the first to know if you read it here. I’m not doing any of this for your benefit, and never have. If you’re going to Gamesplain me in 2018 I really am not interested any more. If you’re prepared to come and meet me on an equal playing field, not treat me as an idiot or negative and just, you know, BE A GROWN UP? I’m interested. I’ll engage you, and make sure it’s a damn good discussion to boot. If you’re just here to pat me on the head, smile and say ‘oh look, there she goes again not getting my point…’

I utterly get your point. You don’t get me.

Stop Gamesplaining at me and jog on.

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