I’ve used my Professions rather a lot in the last few days.

Sure, I’ve ground out WQ’s and collected current materials aplenty on L110’s, but the focus has been on old mounts and getting characters that are a long way behind caught up. I was able to pretty much do 600-700 on my Druid Alchemist (still at L90) in 30 minutes thanks to one recipe: the others I used made me a fair few thousand gold on the AH. Invisibility Potions are a good shout, and keeping everything from when I did the Nat Pagle fishing was a wise move. Thanks to the 3 star recipe above I’ve gotten my Warlock to a position at 106 I really didn’t think would be possible. I’d take four months of Darkmoon Faire too over the need to dungeon for quest rewards, except I think I’d be confident enough to do LFG on this one regardless for what’s required.

The problem is not me in such situations but ultimately attitudes of other people: all it needs is somebody else to decide I’m not pulling my weight in a Heroic and I could never get to the end of the Professions quest lines. I really do appreciate the desire to use crafting as a means to encourage people to take part in organised content, but there are some days that even with the best will in the world, you simply might not ever have the chance to complete what’s asked. I’ve been vote kicked in the past for not knowing shortcuts, or not doing what was thought of as appropriate DPS, and this worries me. I do my best with the alts, but some are played better than others, and it shows.

Some people in this game don’t care about anything else other than themselves.

Here’s a case in point: I had 12 Truegold in the bank, and the mats to make everything else. Total real cost to me (considering those bars have been there for I don’t know how long) is negligible, so what I decide to sell my wares for is solely dictated by current market forces, and so I want to be cheapest if this is going to sell. This morning, the Guy who was 50k more expensive than I was had undercut me by 500g making my mount the most expensive on the AH. I’m now 500g below him. You professional farmers get the great sales and the days in the sun until someone like me comes along, not giving a fuck about historical averages and simply wanting to sell. If it pisses off these people enough, they can buy out my mount and relist it. Otherwise, everybody else on my Server cluster potentially gets a better deal.

It is the attitude of ‘I’m right, you’re wrong, do what I tell you’ that annoys most of all. It is Gamesplaining (yet again) and I will have no part of it.


I have made a tidy profit in the last week, and nobody has been fleeced or disadvantaged. I’ve just listed my wares cheaper than anyone else: I still have plenty of money, there’s no worry about buying materials any more and I can look forward to much more of the same as time goes on. You don’t have to be greedy to be a Gold maker. It is not necessary to boast when your stuff sells for stupid amounts. Capitalism in the virtual world is as insidious and depressing as is the case in the real world. The only difference, of course, is that having a vast virtual fortune only allows you to but more gaming related items and could be said to have no long term worth.

I look forward to being Gamesplained the fault in that logic too.

For now I’m quite happy making cash to turn into things I like.

One thought on “Stupid Girl

  1. I’m with you. I get notes sometimes as well (usually starting with “dude”) telling me how I’m “ruining the economy” by undercutting. My response is to tell them to learn how economies work. If I can sell it for less, I will. If I can get more for it, I will. I’ll sell it however I can GET IT SOLD. That’s the only way to make da monies.


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