There is a certain type of player who does not like to be told they are wrong. If someone has the decency and politeness to point out I have made a mistake in game, I’m more than willing to stand up and accept the blame. The Auction House has always been a place where I profess absolutely no real expertise, because if that were the case I’d have billions of gold. I don’t sell things to make a profit. That’s not the game I’m involved with. I sell them to sell. Normally that’s a 5% below market price and in most cases, that’s exactly what they do… the problem comes when you roll into someone else’s marketplace and make everybody grumpy, because you know how much these items used to sell for when current, and how people now are vastly inflating prices because nobody else is prepared to stand up to those who do.

You’re right, I have no business or AH Acumen.


However what I do have is an Onyx Panther, made at cost, with no need to buy a single item from the AH. It was all self-farmed and the satisfaction gained from this was, I have to say, considerable. As I was making this my AH buddy sent me a game mail back and, for a moment, I thought it was probably best to ignore what was said. Except, for too long in this game, I’ve allowed random idiots like this to ruin my basic enjoyment and freedoms in Azeroth, and as a result it is time to tell it like it is. You want to be Gamesplained? Okay then, let’s roll.


You own all that and you can’t spell business. I know where I’d rather be, buddy.

I did send him a reply before I put him on ignore, which will undoubtedly result in him finding an alt to send his final message. I told him I’m a 51 year old mother of two, both of whom possess more emotional maturity than he does. I also told him I don’t care if he buys my item or not, because he’ll be giving me the gold I wanted by listing this in the first place, but he can be damn sure that I won’t buy a single one of his items again. The problem with competition in a stagnant and arrogant marketplace is that it makes everybody pick up their game. The benefit to consumers, ultimately, is these products become cheaper.


I’m back to being the lowest listed Vial on our AH, and I’ll carry on doing this until I reach a point where I am not prepared to go any lower. Some random gomer doesn’t tell me this, I know how much I want to make. If he wants to play business games with me, so be it. I’m not now here trying to be a gold-maker.

I’m here to stand up to bullies like him.

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