A lot is going to change around these parts in 2018. I don’t anticipate any serious reduction in playtime, I’ll buy the Expansion in a heartbeat if ActiBlizz offer it early, and there is some genuine excitement as to where we are going in the future. However, I now have something else occupying the Warcraft space in my brain. It appears it might be the time to start creating a new alternate Universe from the Lightforged sub-race that we can expect to see in BfA. This isn’t wish fulfillment that sparked the desire either.

I had a dream, about the abandoned child destined for greatness.


Tar is Draenei for ‘born’ and the fact this name was available on my server serves as a doubly good omen. The idea is to level this fella as my Warrior once the zone changes become available in tandem with the sub-race activation. He’ll then act as a narrator (of sorts) to accompany me through the Battle for Azeroth. What this does it twofold: it provides an alternative Lore/Plot supplement to a storyline I’m totally not enamored with, and gives another place for the writer in me to learn new skills and flex her fictional muscles. Yes, this is fanfiction, and that’s a useful outlet for creativity that’s not been utilised for a while.

It also stops me fixating on that James Bond/007 followup I don’t have time to write this year if I want to move my literary aspirations forward.


You can expect a daily Warcraft post from me, I hope for the whole of 2018, available from 5pm GMT each day. It won’t just be fanfiction and #WarcraftFaffing either, and I won’t give all my secrets away on Day One as to what else is coming.

Needless to say, I’ll make it worth your time to hang around here once a day.

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