It’s nice that the Official Warcraft Twitter feed can provide some much-needed content today, because I’ve not been online since Sunday (for Motivation screenshots) and am unlikely to make it into game at this rate until at least Friday. It’s a necessary sacrifice if I really want to make a name for myself for something other than writing about gaming. I’m not complaining at all. If all else fails, there’s always the Mobile app to fall back on, creating the impression that stuff is still going on towards my grand plan. Everybody will make it to L110. Eventually.

It took me a couple of hours drunken faffing to get the Shaman the level needed to start her trip in my phone. The problem of course is that I have a L92 Druid I’d love to do the same with, except that’s not possible. However, if I stop stressing and slowly, sensibly pick my moments (with maximum use of rested bonus and the Darkmoon Faire buffs coming up) a longer task gets shorted. By thought and consideration, my goals are achievable. I just gotta get my fucking arse in gear and stop complaining.

It does not matter how this game is played. You  can live in a world you do not feel comfortable inhabiting and still exist regardless. It does not have to happen in any other way except that which I choose, on my terms and rules. I always thought this free your mind bullshit was just that until I stopped finding reasons to be afraid of change and just did it. Sure, things might change once we know when the next patch is due, but that won’t be until the end of the month at the earliest. So, in the absence of any actual obstacles… time to shut up and get grinding.

When I get free time at the weekend, I am SO going for it.

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