This month I need to get over myself.


Five out of my six max level toons now have fully functional Online Order Halls. The Paladin, however, is still havering over doing a 5 man dungeon to advance her progress. Why am I so hung up on going into a dungeon as Retribution DPS, exactly? It isn’t like there aren’t hundreds, nay thousands of Ashbringer wielders out there. It was the joke of the Expansion, after all. It really is Easy Mode whenever I’ve gone out to fight anything. Yet, I cannot bring myself to do it.


However, I’ll happily solo stuff on a Hunter, even to the point of going into the current dungeons alone. It therefore has to be an issue with confidence and that, at least where I sit, inexperience in one spec really does show. I get how the whole Holy Power generation thing works. It is not like I’m incapable of hitting the right buttons when prompted. In effect, all the inability is in my head. It’s one tiny quest. What’s the worst that could happen?


That reminds me, need to go do some more Classic Instancing, too.

Is it Friday yet?

One thought on “King of a One Horse Town

  1. My paladin feels dirty as a retro spec (yes that was intentional), she spent 12 years avoiding it but last year caved to the pressure because I didn’t want to swap to a shady priest for dps. I think I did my retro quest lines in tank spec, and the holy one too it was just so much better/easier.


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