I’d like to apologise for the lack of a Warcraft post for the last two days by explaining that I find myself caught between a fucking huge rock and a stupidly hard place.

I have only one (out of six) L110 characters who are eligible for the ‘bonus’ Emissary caches awarded after Exalted rep. These are (allegedly) supposed to contain mounts. I’ve yet to see one. The only way I get to not win these mounts is to do the World Quests, which fills my bags up with AP tokens. I suppose I could delete them all, but as (in most cases) they are the only loot I get as reward… Filling my chat screen up with these has become a metaphor for how the best Expansion ever really has failed this casual player. Having shared this last night via Social media, someone was going to make the comment…


That’s the thing here: I don’t want to complain but last night I was tired and annoyed and watching other people linking their Cache mounts made me all grumpy and I fell to the trap of worrying about what other people think and… BLEURGH.

So, I went fishing instead and didn’t play any other alts and felt better.


This made me realise something important. When the stuff you don’t like is current content, you have a problem. If that is the only means of gearing your characters and you end up feeling resentful of the process, how is there ever progress? Well, that’s simple: you have to ignore the fact you don’t enjoy the repetition and just do it. That’s why I’ve gone back to a L92 and will be playing her until the Darkmoon Faire opens. However, it does not solve the larger problem of dealing with progress. All the alts I’m happy to play via the Mobile App will need clothing at max level, and the ONLY WAY to do this is by at least someone chugging through the End Game. I can’t use Professions to clothe them all if I don’t have them all maxxed, and to do that I need to play my alts for the Professions quest-lines.

My head hurts (though that could be the cold.)


I just have to suck it up, I suppose, stop complaining and get on with it. I can do that. If I’m sensible I’ll finish writing this post and drag everybody through World Quests in the hope that someone gets an upgrade. If I’m lucky and there’s some Argus Quests who knows? I might snag another of those mounts. At least today, whatever happens, I have a guaranteed reward at the opening of the Faire, that I ground for and will give me a sense of satisfaction.

Maybe if there were more of those in game and less RNG-related tomfoolery, everybody would be happier.

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