After yesterday’s successful acquisition of #296, I am left with less than a handful of  mounts to get in order to finally (blissfully, eventually) achieve something in the Collection tab for the first time in forever. The question now remains, what will be the last three mounts I work on to make that happen?


#298 is easy: I shoved on another 2000 Rep with Mr Margoss at the weekend, and can schedule a couple of hours during the week to do the same. It is by far the least stressful or confrontational of all the grinds in my future, does not require a Raid ID or a reset, and simply relies on my ability not to fall asleep whilst doing so. Plus, I can use the spare fish to try and get those last two 3 Star Cookery recipes/give First Aid skills to an alt. After that, the last two are largely academic.


Yeah I’d love a random mount drop from a cache, but we all know how well THAT is going right now. Instead, I will suck it up and go finish the the two Mount/Pet Battle quest-lines currently in progress. I’ve also got one more to start, on reflection, so could knock that off too. In fact, there are several things I could grind before having to start relying on RNG to push me past 300…


The instructions on obtaining this one are in my To Do folder to my right. I know there’s a couple of Argus mounts that I can go poke rares for. Hell, if all else failed I could go sit on the Timeless Isle and wait for the serpent to spawn. The list of stuff I don’t own continues to extend, and each time a mount’s locked within a ‘chance to drop’ mechanic it is increasingly likely it will never be owned…


Then there are the ones which you didn’t know about and have to go read up on, before laughing so much your face hurts. The only way to get this is to PvP like the Ordon guys in Pandaria (still haven’t done) with a disguise. I tell you what, the next time I see someone with this mount I will be genuinely impressed, because to grind this really does show an application to task I don’t think I’ll ever have in this game ever again. There’s just too much else in reality that matters more than this, however beautiful the mount might look.

If I hunker down and stick to my schedule, I hope to hit 300 mounts by the end of January. That is more than good enough for me.

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