Mr Alt and I this morning have been talking about pedantry, and what one should do when somebody else keeps saying something you know is wrong, based on facts. This isn’t about showing up someone’s lack of knowledge, or creating a position of authority. It is when something is wrong, and by continuing to reinforce that you only upset people more.

I just had a moment like that in Dalaran. I’m trying to get the last of the complete set of three star Cookery recipes, and when I used a Nomi Snack to do so I got the following message:


I’ve seen this message countless times, but this morning I’m angry. Here’s why:

  • THIS IS NOT WARLORDS. In all that time you had to prepare Professions, all that effort that was made to hide recipes away behind grinds and mechanics, YOU COULD NOT ALTER THIS BASIC DIALOG TO FIT NOMI’S SITUATION?
  • Nobody has reported this as a bug. If it were holding up Mythic progress I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be seeing it over a year after launch.
  • This whole thing makes a mockery of the idea all that stuff for Professions was special and unique to begin with. All that really matters is taking existing mechanics to save time and to alter the looks.
  • The ONLY WAY I can guarantee getting the last two recipes I need is to stack this table 24/7 with specific ingredients, or hope an item drops that (if I get enough of them) it will spawn the things I need.
  • If I am having to grind a specific item (Big Gamy Ribs) to make this system work, the system’s programming may need work.

That's Classic

In fact, I am reminded this morning of why I hated Classic Crafting so much: that one ingredient, stuck in your recipe to time-gate it to a specific instance, or a particular place, that you’d need to farm until you hated the site of it. It is the same feeling I used to get when farming for Nature resistant gear in Maraudon: there’s no choice but to do this because if you want the stuff, you have to work for it. Hating Nomi’s become an in-joke, but telling me every time I visit him that he’s only recycled mechanics to begin with…

In Classic, however, you had nothing else to hold issues up as evidence of how bad something was.


I will admit to a measure of genuine disappointment that the first Warcraft-related announcement of 2018 was nothing to do with the game and everything to do with how the Company will be using it to generate more interest in esports. I’m not an idiot, I can see the way the future is going, and the fact that there’s a Classic version of the game will probably mean, at some point, a ‘Classic’ esports tournament to boot. I’ll still keep playing, and I’ll get those last two recipes, if only to prove to myself that any system has its ups and downs. What it does mean is that I will approach any analysis of the next Expansion with a far more cautious eye.

I’d also like to think that in the Battle for Azeroth there’ll be less of an obvious division between those that play competitively and casually, and more of a focus on those of us who just want to play.

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