If you apply a bit of brainpower, January 16/17th were always going to be significant in terms of change on Azeroth. That’s the week when Argus the Unmaker becomes ‘free to play’ on the LFR ‘servers’ and there’s no new content left on live to keep people engaged. By people, I of course mean all those who haven’t chosen to raid professionally since Argus went live, all those years months ago. It is therefore really obvious why there’s a bunch of NPC’s on the Broken isles with an obviously visible set of cast timers which hit zero in the US on Tuesday. Based on how Argus appeared last time, I’m prepared to stick a modest sack of gold on when those timers hit 00:00:00, Argus will vanish and a fuck off huge sword will appear in Silithus for everybody (presumably) who’s gone through LFR.

What happens after that however is slightly less clear.

What we can be 100% clear on is that nothing tied to BfA will be seeing the light of day, which presumably also includes the new Battleground as well as all those allied races. So, what does that leave us with? Well, not that much that is brand new. There’s a bunch of changes to old, existing content however, which will make Classic even more attractive to a subset of players. Part of me is wondering if this is part of a wider plan to dress up ‘old’ content as ‘new’ and see how people react to it (if at all) as part of a wider project related to the Classic reboot. They can’t set up servers to see how the current audience react and respond whilst levelling from scratch, after all. If all you have is the current races (ignoring the DK’s and Pandas) how will people approach this journey?

I also feel that they’re going to kop some flack if 7.3.5 launches this week and those changes are all they present.

Yes, I’m aware that after YEARS of complaint that levelling’s been left to decompose they’ve gone back and fixed it, but I have already seen people point out (quite fairly and accurately) THIS IS NOT NEW CONTENT. For an increasing number of people New means Endgame and I can see those getting (justifiably) quite upset. Really, is the fact you can now get Free Legendaries every week for every alt you need to level in BfA sufficient incentive. Is this less content on a UI level than the Twitter implementation? I’m pretty sure the reason why this is all there is gets linked to them wanting an Expansion Technical Alpha out and running almost as soon as 7.3.5 drops or they won’t keep to the 2018 timetable. That esports announcement on Friday didn’t just smack of cash-in via Overwatch either, there was a whiff of distraction in the air, as it all counts as news.


This is all observation, by the way. I’m totally not mad that next week may end up being just cosmetic changes, because it gives me more time to prepare. I absolutely won’t be levelling anything from scratch until the Allied Races go live. There’s simply too much else to get sorted first, and too little time.

Anyone like a bet as to how long 7.3.5 drops that Actiblizz launch BfA pre-orders?

One thought on “Sweetest Smile

  1. My guess is 77 days after it launches which will be early April if my math holds up. Alternatively that will be slid if they have the beta ready. In that case I expect the beta will get that date and the preorder will be pushed to closer to release…maybe another 77 days (so mid Junish).
    The preorder will have the added incentive of early access of the first four Allied races. Darkiron Dwarves and the Zandalari Trolls will be held until the actual expansion release.


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