Yesterday, I spent two hours in Pandaria.


I killed the Sha, and Galleon, then went and poked the Throne of Thunder in the hope that the two mounts there might drop… but my heart wasn’t in it. Once upon a time, there would have been genuine enthusiasm for the process, or I’d have pulled an alt out in order to make sure the gear that dropped would be of greater benefit. Except, until I’ve finished all the mail stuff, there’s a problem. It’s happened a couple of times now, when I’ve taken a non-mail alt to an instance where I need only one or two items to complete a tier set for transmog. Those items end up dropping for the wrong person, and I get angry. It isn’t confirmation bias either. This shit happens, and nothing ever gets finished.

I am beginning to think my relationship with Legacy content is on borrowed time.


It finally hit home when I looked at drop rates for the items I need, and realised that for a lot of the later sets, not having done this as raid content when current is an active disadvantage. When that finally hit home, and some maths was done over how many times I’d have to run certain places to pick up items… nope. Those sets can remain unfinished. I’ll continue my runs through dungeons because they don’t have a weekly cooldown. I’ll continue to mix and match my gear for transmog but there is no longer the ability to be a completist.

As the Achievements have also become academic, I’m comfortable with this situation as it stands.


In fact, I came to the conclusion as I was selling all the stuff that was useless the better situation, at least for someone in my position, is to be able to buy what I need with game gold. If I was short (say) a pair of mail bracers from Tempest Keep to finish a set and I could purchase those from a vendor for 10k gold, that would utterly happen, especially if it completed the Achievement for me.

Putting pets in old instances is a waste of time. I don’t need to complete a Timewalking raid any time soon. Right now, unless the stuff I need becomes purchasable with gold, it can remain uncollected.

Legacy just isn’t worthwhile any more.

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