We are gathered here today to mark the sudden demise of a part of Warcraft game-play that has existed for over a decade, but has now been called to a halt. Once upon a time you could dungeon farm to your heart’s content, and keep looting until what you wanted would drop. Not any more. The cry of the casual player has finally been heard, and there will be no more looting someone else’s gear once a Boss dies. All loot is now Personal Loot in Dungeons and I’m not at all surprised this only appeared in the Patch Notes yesterday, because had it been public knowledge any early there would have been words. Many of them.

There is no indication until someone starts farming Live just how much of a dent this could make in gold farmer’s reserves, how easy (or otherwise) it will become to get BoE’s, or indeed how the level scaling changes will pan out long term. My main concern is the drop rates for Dungeon mounts, but (presumably) if enough people complain that things are different or looting becomes problematic there’ll be changes announced. For now, standardising everything makes the most sense, and the vast majority of players will consider this a Quality of Life change.

For everybody else, a fairly dirty and cluttered slate is effectively replaced.


There is another issue I’m looking forward to testing for myself this week: when I go back as a L110 into The Deadmines, how will that play at max level? Will it be even easier to rofflestomp? Will those Pandaran dungeon achievements I never got to do be completely impossible, even when stripped of all gear? What isn’t clear (and will only become so over time) is how level scaling will affect the completion of content going both ways. As the PTR is no real indicator of actual change, it will only be when things go live that the alterations to the nuts and bolts of Azeroth will become apparent.

The next couple of weeks will be very interesting indeed.


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