Scaling all content across all Expansions was going to have payback somewhere, when you consider just how much of Warcraft now qualifies as Legacy.

Those people who told me that I needn’t worry about World content might want to check today that’s still true.

Oh, and all that stuff about Legacy raiding being unaffected might need a look at too.

Like I said yesterday, this is going to be interesting.


One thought on “Wake Up

  1. While I am going to be a fly on the wall for the foreseeable future, the changes feel necessary. Even I know I spend too much time doing meaningless legacy content. The soloing community will, rightfully so, be up in arms, but there was time to test and ask these questions. Did no one go into ToT or SoO at all on PTR? I am always flabbergasted by the reactions on patch day one. The game changes. Live with it, adapt, or move on. Simple choices. It is a never-ending beta test, the game will be tweaked/hotfixed over the next few weeks, and the Devs may or may not listen to every complaint.

    I am enjoying my decision to focus on single player experiences and fill in blind spots while sporadically visiting Azeroth until Battle for Azerite is released.


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