Some of you will have noticed I didn’t post for a few days, and I had a bit of a rant on Twitter during the latter part of last week. If you missed it…?

It is difficult sometimes to exist in the same space as people who refuse to accept they are the problem. I don’t like being belittled in places that are supposed to be safe for me, or told what I should be thinking or (more importantly) that the game played here is any less important than any of the other versions of Warcraft that take place. Watching other people attempt to control and often divide the areas they inhabit seems a complete waste of time and energy. In the end, my journeys into minimalism have provided the most satisfactory solutions to the problems I encounter in reality. Is this person worth my time, or am I better off without them being present? When you don’t play in Azeroth for popularity or attention, those choices become increasingly simple to make.

I realised yesterday as I got three-quarters of the way towards the end of the Celestial Tournament, that it was this mini-game and that Expansion which finally destroyed the addiction I had to keep up with content. What matters most now is writing outside gaming: it is no longer important how great Warcraft becomes, or how accessible, or whether it can sustain itself for another decade. The need to play it before the stuff that matters more has simply vanished. I am grateful therefore that it happened then and isn’t just emerging now, that the Future (intentional capital letters) will be dictated using my terms.

It is particularly ironic as I’m coming up to a major and rather significant anniversary.

I’ll freely admit I’m about to employ minimalism and finally give a ton of stuff I’ve hoarded for absolutely no reason away to people who will get more enjoyment from the items than ever comes from leaving them to gather dust. Plus, I derive more enjoyment from that process to begin with. It’s a pretty win/win situation, all told. There’ll be more about this next week (Feb 2nd is a week Friday, in case you weren’t paying attention) but for now, I will make it worth everybody’s effort to enter. Needless to say, there might be a bit of navel-gazing in the next couple of weeks as a result.

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