A lot happened at the weekend, but only now do I feel like talking about it.

Once one takes away raiding from Warcraft, some would argue there’s very little of value left. Of course, that has never been the case. As we will discuss tomorrow, knowing the moment when your priorities change over immersion will have a significant effect on how everything then plays out in your game of choice. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with vanity pets across the years. It’s taken this long to reconcile all the variables, and now I’m back to the place I was before pet battling was introduced. There is absolutely zero interest whatsoever in fighting anybody else, and I’ll now only battle NPC’s if it will benefit my own collection long-term. That means collecting rare stones, or tokens that can be exchanged to max level the pets I already own.

I hit 5000 battles and was utterly surprised Friday night. I was far more interested in clearing alts through World Quests and picking up Rare stones along the way, and the number is largely meaningless. It’s why I’ll spend gold to finish the Raiding achievements long before you’ll find me grinding the content because it is apparent that the effort expended remains far that worthwhile for rewards presented. If I hang on long enough they’ll stick all the most interesting pieces at the Faire anyway and I can buy it that way, and as long as somebody else is playing Warcraft primarily as a gold making game, I’ll be able to purchase the shortfall. I’m hearing that the new levelling experience has transmog options that might interest too.

This might be the moment to resurrect a US alt and start from scratch there.

However, before that happens I’m getting the Druid to 100, restarting the whole ‘play the Game via Mobile’ thing and sorting out everybody else with an Artefact which, in many cases, is likely to remain unfilled when max level is reached. In fact, the whole World Questing thing is likely to only happen to selected alts going forward, especially those currently at iLevel 900 plus. Once everybody’s at 110, then the situation can be readdressed. For now, I have a decent Plan of Action and will simply chip off stuff as we go.

Yup, that’s how the next few weeks are going to run, unless something significant happens in the next 72 hours…

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